Without Darkness There Cannot Be Light

February 1, 2019

An abstract painting of three spirals on a purple and blue background.
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95% of my clients come to me with problems in their lives or a particular obstacle or crisis. This often seems to them to be depressing, hopeless and not a good position to be in.

From a therapist’s perspective, however, the fact that they are taking note of their situation, their emotions and have made the appointment is a very positive sign. It means they have realized that it is time for change, that things aren’t working for them as they are, and that they need to try something different.

It is these very problems that are catalysts for new desires, more in alignment with the soul’s purposes. If we never felt boredom or discomfort, if we never felt like ripping our hair out, then we would be unlikely to make the effort to change.

Our emotions react to these life problems and are indicators of whether we are aligned with our life purpose or not. It is these problems and emotions that can be looked at as our friends, or at least (if that’s a stretch) as our warnings lights.

See it as an emotional feedback system. When we subject ourselves to an experience that doesn’t serve us, isn’t it actually helpful to be warned that we’re on the wrong path? Isn’t it logical that repeatedly doing the same unhelpful thing should create warning signs in the form of annoyance or boredom to push you to change?

Once a client has come to my clinic, I can work with these emotions. I can go to where the anger is stored in the body to release it. I can clear a repeating negative energy pattern from a past life that is holding them back and causing problems in their current life. I can perform a soul retrieval to bring back a piece of themselves they left at the scene of a traumatic event in their life to allow them to move on feeling truly whole.

I had a client come to me feeling depressed and suffering from shoulder pain. They had had an X-ray and had seen their doctor but no injuries were found. A physiotherapist had prescribed exercises, which helped for a while, but eventually the pain came back. Energetically, aching shoulders indicated to me a lack of joy and shouldering too many burdens. I established that their throat chakra was blocked which indicates they weren’t telling people how they really felt. I was able to clear this using Reiki and blue lace agate crystal.

My client admitted that lately friends and family members seemed to be treating them like a dog. They were spending so much time helping others that they had neglected their own life. I did some energetic boundary work and we spoke about how we should not run to help people that could help themselves, how we shouldn’t neglect ourselves in a quest to constantly be a crutch for others.

I was also able to open my client’s Akashic records to ask what the best way forward was for my client and the best way to find their path to joy. I was given the boundary message which confirmed what we had discussed and shown a “bushcraft” group. My client was surprised and said they had always wanted to try a group like this but never found one in their area. They left agreeing to look again.

My client now enjoys bushcraft and not only attends, but helps run, the larger groups. They feel happier and pain-free being outdoors and as the events are mobile-free zones my client is not able to take calls from people looking for a crutch. They admitted that sometimes their shoulder pain does return but added that this is when they have taken on too much. So the shoulder pain acts as a warning. However, now they are able to voice their concerns and tell people “no” more often.

None of it would be possible had my client hadn’t felt pushed by their problems to take the first step.

I’ve heard many people (including my own husband) looking back on some of the darkest and most problematic times of their lives as “blessings.” They see that if they hadn’t failed or encountered those very problems they wouldn’t have been forced to make the adjustments in their lives that they so enjoy now.

An abstract painting of three spirals on a purple and blue background.

“Healing” by Kate Jones

There is also a certain strength and wisdom in adversity that one gains, and benefits from. This stays with you and keeps you focused on the right path.

So the crisis or breaking point really is the gift in a way. It’s the rock bottom, the last straw, the unbearable anger that are the springboards toward healing and a new you.

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