Who Is Helping You? You or Your Healer?

October 16, 2018

A painting of a boy and bird by the water.
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A Healer Prayer from Course in Miracles (when you are unsure what to do):

“I am here only to be truly helpful, I am here to represent the Source that sent me, I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because Source who sent me will direct me. I am content to be wherever Source wishes me to be, knowing Source goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Source teach me to heal.”

I recently saw a movie about an African doctor who studied and got his degree in France, then got a job in a small village in the north of Paris in the middle of the seventies and brought his family with him there. The village had never seen a person of color and had difficulties accepting him and his family. After many useless efforts, on the verge of giving up, destiny rewarded their efforts. He finally got the French nationality and the authorization to open his own practice in the village and make a decent living for himself and his family. The movie was based on a true story.

A painting of a boy and bird by the water.

“Kyrie and the Bird” by Michael Pontieri

It made me think of myself, a Macedonian in Belgium since 2004, who did her studies in French at a reputable college in Brussels, did her training in a multinational company and continued working for the multinational for about three years, until her contract with the company ended. Since 2010 this Macedonian, who in the meantime became Belgian too in 2008, could not possibly find a job in the field in which she has most of her experience, studies and skills, not even a part-time job.

She was however attracted to become a certified Baby Signs instructor and a sophrology practitioner. She has been fervently working on herself since she was nineteen years old and it is now twenty-five years that she is constantly learning new skills, constantly growing and developing, both personally and professionally. Sometimes, she wants to give up everything but she never does. Instead, she goes on to learning more, improving more, being and becoming better than she was yesterday.

She never gives up! And, if she ever decides to renounce to something, it is after a long and mature reflection and after seeing clearly that it does not serve her highest good any longer.

So, when people tell her that they don’t have time to learn and practice sophrology, or anything else for that matter, she wants to say to them:

No dear! I have been there, and I know for sure by now that as long as you wait for someone else to come, take your hand and find the motivation and the will, the perseverance, to make you take action, you will never be able to do what you intuitively know that you should do, and that it is YOU, and only YOU who can do it!

Nobody else can do it for you! You are the one who needs to make the decision to stop procrastinating. You are the one who needs to dive deep inside and find that motivation, that will, that energy, that time, the money, the perseverance, whatever your excuse is (cause that’s what it is, an excuse) to get up, take action and help yourself! It’s not me, it’s not your mother, brother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, you name whom, who will ever be able to be you and do things for you. Never! That is wishful thinking and not taking responsibility for your own life. That is procrastination! And, I know that you don’t want to do that anymore! I know that you have had enough, that you want to help yourself, that you want to learn this new relaxation technique that Lepa is teaching, that you want to write that novel, that you want to teach piano finally, to learn how to drive, or however you wish to improve the quality of your life!

And, let me tell you, there is no better time to start than NOW! NOW is the time to take action. NOW is the time to stop blaming and shaming everybody and everything else around you for not doing what you want to do. NOW is the time for CHANGE! Only you can do that, and I know that you can and you will. But, do you know and do you believe that you can do it?

Nobody can help anybody, if they do not want to help themselves first. Keep that in mind next time you find another excuse for not taking that first step toward yourself, toward your life, toward your health.

With this said, let me tell you once again that I have been there. I have been where you are now but, when I had enough, I decided to take that first step, to take action and do it. And, not only did I learn a lot, not only did I help myself, not only did I gain more self-confidence, not only did I grow, not only did I change, not only did I become more at peace, I continue learning, and growing and will do so until my last breath, because I know that it is not only my right, but also my legacy to continually learn and grow and become better than I was yesterday. It is my birth right and it is my duty!

And I wish sincerely and truly that you see this too from where you are now, reading these lines, and that it incites you and inspires you and motivates you to take that first step. Because, that is all you need to do, take the first baby step and continue taking little, tiny baby steps toward your best YOU, toward your best FUTURE, toward your best LIFE!

Love, light and blessings to your heart, mind and soul!

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Anne Bachop
3 years ago

Dear Lepa, Your courage is seen and heard. Thank you for the reminder. Anne



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