Editor’s Note: Issue Nine

February 18, 2021

A drawing of someone meditating with various New Age symbols above.
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This edition of Healers Magazine, “The Other Pandemic: Integrative Medicine’s Defining Moment,” is the least successful in accommodating those living in bad faith; still, so long as we don’t trigger anyone, maybe that’s for the best.

My good friend here in Florida had to leave her Indian ashram this time last year after becoming terribly ill upon arrival. Then the pandemic officially hit, but only reached me journalistically. After that, several months into it, my colleague/flatmate flew back to California because some of her family members were hospitalized. The cases accelerated and began to hit closer to home. My brother in New Jersey fell sick and finally, right on his heels, both of my sisters caught it in Massachusetts and are convalescing now. Where am I going with this first-they-came-for-the-socialists narration of events? An abstractly distant notion that becomes all-too-real when it creeps all-too-close—my point is that, along with COVID-19, suicide is seeping into all of our lives in a similar manner: i.e., celebrities (it always starts far-off, in the news), then a high-school friend’s beloved brother, and my own sweet mama after that. The struggle is real and is phenomenologically identical to the manner in which coronaviruses spread and, like them, self-harm is contagious—the common phenomenon in which one derives inspiration from another’s leaving is known as “following.” Now for the hard truth: the actual pandemic, the one that spreads physically, is far less deadly than the one that does so mentally and spiritually.

Everyone here in the States is talking about the infinitesimal rise of homicides last year, but why? Suicide is the common way to go, is growing exponentially, and is almost always preventable. It already took far more lives in some countries, Japan for one, in 2020 than COVID-19. A tidal wave of “successful” attempts is in full swing, globally, and shows no signs of soon-abiding—we project at least ten million self-closed cases between now and 2028; that is, if the integrative medicine community doesn’t overthrow the unsexy status quo—right now, with gusto and zeal. The shadow form of this call-to-action is the reminder that to be complacent is to be complicit: the holistic community needs to fight for the right to heal those whose mental symptoms are being amplified by financial pressures (think Great Depression “jumpers”) and social isolation related to the pandemic—no more pretending that psychiatrists have everything/anything under control since they so-often do more damage than good, albeit profitably. They call it complementary medicine, so let it complement: let’s let the healers take the lead on self-loathing disassociation and let the doctors continue to prevent and treat infection.

Practitioners of allopathic medicine and their support staff are truly heroes, risking their lives daily while others do the opposite of lean-in: from the comfort of their private estates (when they’re not at the villa, pied-à-terre, or on the yacht) they passively benefit from exorbitant stimulus income. There is no disputing who’s on the right side of history here and also on the right side of pandemic prognosis. The mainstream medical route is the obvious choice for most, as it should be—logically. What is not logical is the human soul. That’s the rub. There’s a time and place for 3D science and neither share a matrix with the 4D matters of the heart. That is why this issue’s featured authors extol natural therapies, in addition to nature herself, and embraces poetry and prayer in place of or in addition to the pills.

Healers was created to expand the options of people feeling stuck in regard to health and healing. Our mission statement is a tacit reference to the self-harming among us and the logic behind it goes something like this: patients who view psychiatric treatment as their first and last resort are walking on thin ice by the proverbial brink. They’re flirting with the abyss, and with it one does not meet-cute. Shock therapy helped my mom, I’ll give him that, but her doctor’s often-reckless prescriptions led to her wrongful death; I’m still torn up about that but what I find most tragically regrettable was her faith in society’s appointed mental health “experts,” which is pervasive in others and malignant. Indeed, her inability to find happiness through psychiatry is all it took for her to choose death. It isn’t always easy—the third eye can take years to crack—but every time our publication, social network, events and/or videos is/are able to defeat the resistance of those still trapped in the ideological bubble we aim to altogether pop, an angel-in-training gets its wings; lifted from archetypal limitations and, hopefully, freed from hopelessness, knowing that millions of healers, practicing hundreds of emotional and spiritual modalities, strive to cure—not to merely treat. There’s this nihilism-resistant optimism in the holistic community, seen in the etymology of the Spanish term curandero (curer), that’s poorly lacking outside it.

A drawing of someone meditating with various New Age symbols above.

Untitled by Kasmira Demyan

I decided not to summarize the especially brilliant articles we’ve prepared for you this edition, mostly because I can’t do their dynamicness justice. I want you to experience the real thing: the ancient wisdom paired with the wonderfully original artwork and poetry submitted by our contributors, each adding depth to each other. Turn off your brain and let you unconsciousness take it in instead. We recommend serving your self/soul in the following order:

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If the uplifting collection itself somehow fails to instill more hope in you, we’ve got news that will. This past summer we helped launch an NGO, Healing Without Borders (HWB), in order to supplement Healers’ magazine and social network with offline events. For the time being, we’ve been hosting online “Integrative Evenings” featuring healers around the world, but are now ready to begin organizing safely designed, in-person events, so please don’t hesitate to enlist as a volunteer if you’re interested in acting as the initial ambassador of a semiautonomous HWB chapter in your community. It doesn’t take much since we’ll be helping you every step of the way, but if that sounds like too much of a commitment, we humbly ask that you donate what you can. Contributions are now tax-deductible thanks to our partnership with the Healing Forest Foundation.

If you’re really going through “it” right now, please don’t beat up or blame yourself for failing to thrive in an unwell world. Wouldn’t you rather read more of our many other articles and blogs on the topics explored above? To connect with the authors, most of whom are practitioners, click the desired party’s name at the top of any given post. Always remember to never forget that our community is here with and for you. Note that if you’d care to journal anonymously it’s extremely therapeutic as an emotional-processing toolI can attest to thatand healers might comment with advice, blessings or just good-old love. It’s a safe and, mind you, free space; as such, while it may seem so, you’re never really alone.

“Healing” by Pat Leclerc

Greatness, I speak
Inspired indeed
From above
Only of love
What is the question
Where is our attention
Could we be unaware
Of the reasons
Really needing
Us, all to look, interrogative
Don’t let it be representative
Of a society
Nobody, seems to worry
Of what we could be
In a world, where we
A place, we would be
More intelligent
Maybe more diligent
Where everyone could be
More accomplished, happy
Our animal instinct
The basics restrain
Of our human
Perhaps bestial
Most time impartial
To a way
Indeed we may
Or will we
Will you, and me
Carry society
In a new world
Where peace
Love, ease
The suffering
Of every being
Animal and primal
Feelings are present
In every living, intent
For their ailing
Should be applied, inspiring
To those vital
Healers and lovers
What is the question
Our attention
The answer
In our prayers
Affection, respect
Let’s all protect
Each other’s
Ask without regrets
Help, mostly, love…
…And live of the above

Issue 9 Release –

"The 'Other' Pandemic: #IntegrativeMedicine's Defining Moment": healersmagazine.com/editors-note-issue-9

Editor's Note by Benjamin Eisenstein Miller: healersmagazine.com/awareness

Posted by Healers Magazine on Wednesday, 3 March 2021


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Dr. Paul Dunion
7 months ago

How do I submit an article?

Daria Makuch
7 months ago

Hi Dr. Paul! Thanks for asking. Here is a link that tells you all about submitting content:


David Slatkin
David Slatkin
7 months ago

Beautiful words, Ben! I lost a friend to suicide last month, so this really hit home. I look forward to reading issue 9, and sharing it with friends who are also experiencing a sense of loss during these challenging times.

Much love,




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